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Hands On

As we have hands-on expertise in various technologies in the current market, we have developed an acumen for right technology for the problems at hand helping us choose an optimum stack. For example, we use Python for machine learning and NLP related problems and for faster time to market (TTM) problems and scraping, we use Ruby and Ruby on Rails related technologies. We use golang for performance critical applications, etc.

Only the best

As we are an equal opportunity employer, we want to hire the best technologists and great thinkers. We have done over 1000 interviews in our decade long careers talking to candidates from freshers to Full stack architects. We have an extremely good knack for identifying and evaluating Engineers of choice. One of the main problems with a medium-size to large size consulting services is that they will have to make a decision on various factors like Revenue, Year on Year turnover, Profit Margins etc., for which there will be a lot of compromises. This particular pattern has been accepted by most in the west and has become a cliche to accept few low productive employees now and then.

Fully Streamlined

However, we don't have any such plans to scale beyond on what we can control and we are going to focus our time and effort in solving niche problems that make a heavy impact. We have pioneered the delivery in our previous organizations, leading teams of various sizes. We are completely re-engineering the process from being timeless chaotic delivery to a fully streamlined and a reusable delivery pattern. Related Article: From Fail Fast to Fail Proof