Trending Tech News

It is a cross-platform flutter based mobile application for Android and iOS. The intention of this application is to consume technical news from top tech websites. The intended audiences are tech news lovers and developers.

This application was also developed to showcase our ability to develop cross-platform applications in a relatively short time and using a single codebase. (Note: Approval for iOS app in Apple app store is still pending)

Zen Reminder

Zen reminder is an application that ensures you don't miss out on your payment to the credit card, renewing your talk time or even a custom on, etc. You wanted to cancel Netflix subscription on a day and you missed it out and you were charged for a year. Thus losing money.

With zen reminder app, you can create recurring reminders every weekday, every month, every year, etc. Also you can customize where you want to receive your notification whether Email, Whatsapp, Telegram, SMS or even Slack.

Soul Search

Finding the right life partner is a gamer changer in everyone's life. We all believe that marriages are made in heaven, however matches are best made in SoulSearch.

We use the best of the technology for matching profiles. We work hard to ensure there are only authentic profiles in the system as we manually verify every profile. Artificial Intelligence technology makes our world even better. We also use bank grade security to keep your data safe. We provide the best of the search functionalities in the system.

We will give you options to increase your profile visibility and connect you with other profile.

Community Matrimony

Community Matrimony is curated specifically for a particular community within South India. It was started more of a volunteering effort providing free services. It has evolved a lot and right now serving substantial amount active users who utilize the platform every day. It is one other Francium's free offering in the Matchmaking arena