About Francium Tech

Francium's core purpose is to create technology solutions for progressive and forward-thinking organizations to empower their ascendancy and to magnify their impact. We envision being the front-runners when it comes to technology and a resource centre for mid-sized organizations to full-fledged enterprises.

Our Competency

Rapid development & delivery

We deliver what we say we could at speeds what others say they couldn't in almost any language. Ruby, Go, Python, Javascript, Java, Scala to name a few

Machine Learning & NLP

We are well versed in Semantic Analysis, Entity Classification & Extraction, Support Vector Machine, Deep Learning, TensorFlow etc., to name a few

Cloud First

We have deep expertise in almost all the top cloud environments starting from Google Cloud, AWS, Heroku, Azure, DigitalOcean, Linode, Rackspace etc.,

Large Scale Scraping

Websites are getting tougher to penetrate day by day. Good news is we have all the weapons in our arsenal to scrap websites at scale in the least possible time

Full Stack Development

Our Engineers are well versed with all layers in the development life cycle, have a deep knowledge and skills to take a concept from inception to delivery.

Fully Responsive

Hybrid makes sense. Movies from Hollywood to Bollywood are doing it religiously. We offer deep expertise in designing systems that are 100% responsive across all devices

Our Process